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The growth of beer sales propelled by packaging innovation

7 Dec 2012


This publication has been forecasting for some time that this will be a record year for beer sales in Poland.  Of course this is nothing other than a statement of the obvious.  There was an excellent summer in Poland which started early with the temperature well into the thirties by the third week of April. [...]


Record year for beer sales in Poland

31 Oct 2012


As forecast earlier this year, try Poland could now be heading towards a record year for beer sales.  Even if the final two months end up in being a total beer disaster, ampoule sales could still hit 37m hectolitres.
Of course this year has been an exception.  By the third week of April we [...]


Euro 2012 could increase beer sales by two percent this year

15 Jul 2012

Despite mixed weather, doctor check various Polish and Ukrainian breweries did good business during Euro 2012. As reported last week, cialis Carlsberg hit record sales in Poland.  Żywiec which sponsored the Polish team through its Warka brand saw a thirty percent increase in sales when compared to June 2011.  
Whereas it is [...]