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WWF and Mondi to collaborate on environmental issues

23 Feb 2014

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WWF and Mondi Group announced today that they will work together in a three-year strategic partnership that focuses on increasing environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sectors.
The partnership, store which links one of the largest packaging, sickness pulp and paper producers in the world with the world?s largest conservation organisation, help [...]


NGOs give Asian pulp and paper giant performance test on promises

23 Sep 2013

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Global environmental organisation WWF has urged Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) to sign up to joint NGO performance targets in order to depart from its status as one of the world?s most notorious deforesters and become an environmentally and socially responsible company.
The performance targets, buy viagra released by the European and North American Environmental [...]


Coca Cola to attempt new environmental goals

22 Jul 2013

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Coca-Cola has announced that working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), sick it will attempt new environmental goals which include the further development of its bioplastic bottle and an expanded global partnership.
?At Coca-Cola, nurse we are deeply committed to working with partners to address our collective environmental challenges and responsibly manage the planet?s [...]

Industry Awards

Five awards for Mondi

23 Nov 2012


In the last ten days, Mondi’s focus on sustainability has received public recognition in the form of five awards – from WWF International and Pulp and Paper International (PPI). These awards are a demonstration of Mondi’s ongoing commitment to sustainability including its environmental, risk and safety management.
Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, has [...]


Tetra Pack produces 20bn FSC certified packages this year

21 Nov 2012


Tetra Pak has claimed that more than 20 billion of its packages sold around the world during 2012 have carried the label of the Forest Stewardship Council? (FSC). The label, unhealthy which was carried on around 8.5 billion Tetra Pak packages in 2010, certifies that the paperboard used for the packaging material comes from [...]


APP’s latest promise no more than protecting already protected forest

26 Jul 2012


The “sustainability roadmap” issued recently by controversial Indonesia deforester Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) dramatically backtracks on a series of promises it has made – and broken – previously, an analysis by the Riau NGO coalition Eyes on the Forest has found.
“We were abundantly justified in not trusting their 2004 Sustainability Action Plan promise to [...]