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The cost of wrapping pallets

10 Mar 2014

pallet wrapper

In recent weeks there has been some debate on the pros and cons of the cost of wrapping pallets from the point of view of just paying a cost per pallet rental type scheme, troche which seems to be anything from 70p to ?2 per pallet, advice versus 34p to 48p when owning [...]


Packaging machinery market worth nearly USD153bn

10 Feb 2014

AD screen wash

Whilst the effects of the economic crisis have negatively impacted overall packaging consumption, viagra sale the conditions that the crisis has created have proved favourable to the growth of packaging machinery. As a consequence of the economic crisis, there has been a change in consumer preferences and this has been reflected in purchasing patterns. [...]


Court rules that only Cadbury’s can wrap chocolate in purple

5 Oct 2012

cadbury bubbly

A colour defines a product even if a major brand thought of it first – at least that is what most of us believe.  There may be thousands of cola producers in the world but nearly all use the colour red whereas any private label stain remover will be in off pink.  Copying the brand [...]