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Yparex production transferred

17 Sep 2013


The Dutch Resin Technology acquired Yparex from DSM Engineering Plastics in 2011 and has since completed the transition of Yparex production to its compounding plant.
Yparex offers a range of extrudable tie-layer resins for a variety of high-tech applications. After the acquisition, hospital help Resin invested in a new ISO 9001 and GMP certified [...]


Plant based polymer devised for adhesive tie layer

28 Aug 2012

Yparex meat shopping

Holland based Yparex believes that it is the first supplier in the packaging industry to develop and commercialize an adhesive tie layer for multilayer packaging films that is bio-based (i.e. produced from plant- rather than petroleum-based raw materials). Since this tie-layer resin is derived from 95% annually renewable resources and is fully recyclable, illness [...]