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Products Needed

Wooden boxes required

6 Nov 2012

Chinese wine producer has an urgent requirement for large quantities of wooden wine boxes (around 10, diagnosis 000 pieces per month, sale measuring 372mm x 340mm x 120mm.
Please use the contact form.


Mediterranean wine consumption expanding as domestic production crashes in Poland

26 Sep 2012

wine tesco

Last year consumption of wine in Poland increased by six percent and the country’s wine association, the PRW, is suggesting that this is only the beginning.
Table wines make up around 63 percent of the market and they are gaining a greater share of the market and make up the main motor for growth.  Furthermore, consumers [...]


Wine growing in importance as a beverage

2 Aug 2012


A report by British-based IWSR (International Wine and Spirit Research) predicts that worldwide consumption of wine will rise by somewhat over three percent by 2014. At the same time, hospital consumption of bottled wine in the price segment of over seven euros is set to rise, prostate in Germany for example, try by [...]


Ritrama Digital Roll Range materials certified by HP Indigo

1 Aug 2012


All Ritrama Digital Roll Range materials have been successfully printed on HP Indigo presses and fully certified by HP. Our Digital Roll range includes papers, ed polypropylenes and polyethylenes featuring a special top coating for digital printing to ensure a high quality colour finish. Key markets for this type of materials are wine, pharm [...]


Label invented that can withstand long periods in an ice bucket

31 Jul 2012

A film label material has been launched in Europe to address the challenges faced by wine and spirit producers who need a premium brand image to survive intact during long periods of ice bucket immersion. The manufacturers say that it looks and feels like a conventional paper label but has the performance of a film.
The new product, [...]

Food and beverage

Cows being fed wine to improve beef quality

23 Jul 2012


An idea has come forward in France that by feeding cows wine then better meat will be obtained if the animals are relaxed.  The idea is not entirely novel as it has already been tried out in Japan using sake.  The result is about the most expensive beef in the world but one which has [...]

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