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Poland in fifth position in EU’s food waste table

27 Aug 2013


Twenty-nine-year-old Andrzej W. and his partner lived for almost a year off of food found in the trash bin of the upscale supermarket Piotr i Pawel in Muranów, sale a neighbourhood near the centre of the Polish capital Warsaw. And they ate in style.
?I can hardly name now the expensive cheeses and chocolates we [...]


Process turning waste to biofuels works on paper

31 Jul 2013


Researchers from the Institute of Food Research have successfully produced bioethanol from waste paper, diagnosis as part of efforts to turn waste into valuable products.

To increase their sustainability, there is currently a drive to turn away from deriving biofuels from food crops, such as corn and sugarcane. Bioethanol derived from waste streams from agriculture [...]


Making money from waste plastics

12 Mar 2013

Closure with valve

The whole planet is trying to find sustainable solutions for the future and the spotlight is currently on waste management and ways of using rubbish as a resource and valuable commodity rather than landfill. In fact in some regions landfill mining is taking place.  The drivers are diminishing resources, thumb the environmental aspects of [...]


Improved efficiency is key to greater food production

7 Feb 2013


A Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco has called for improved efficiencies in food supply chains.  A number of speakers highlighted the inefficiencies in food production, patient distribution and consumption.
The general consensus from summit participants was that intensive production methods were not the sole solution to feed the growing global population. Sustainable agriculture has [...]


Packaging Waste Management is Increasingly Resource Efficient – EU

21 Jan 2013


A EUROPEN analysis of official EU data on packaging waste shows that over the past twelve years the amount of used packaging sent for final disposal is declining rapidly.
?Higher recovery rates and particularly recycling rates are largely the reasons?, sovaldi sale Virginia Janssens, cialis acting Managing Director of EUROPEN, stated on the announcement [...]


Half of all food produced goes to waste

21 Jan 2013


New research showing that as much as half of the world?s food ? amounting to two billion tonnes worth ? is thrown away, healing demonstrates the vital role packaging has to play in providing a solution to the problem, there according to packaging innovation expert Alan Davey.
The report ?Global Food: Waste Not, prescription [...]

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