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Russian design for the Russian market for vodka bottle

12 Apr 2013


Pernod Ricard and Russian fashion designer Alena Akhmadullina have developed what they think is a collectable bottle for Absolut Moscow in a limited edition that pays tribute to Russian clutural heritage. This bottle, available only in Russia, features a striking, dynamic, and fairy-tale inspired design, and will be on shelves during a limited period of [...]


Ukrainian church not happy with religious symbols on beer packaging

30 Nov 2012

beer religion

The Ukrainian eastern orthodox church has taken a dislike to certain beer packaging it has observed in Kiev.  It would seem that certain beer producers are selling beer for Christmas.  The church thinks that this is unethical to use Christmas as an excuse for selling things and that this is using the authority of religious [...]


Large packaging is cheaper! Or is it?

11 Nov 2012


Many of us will buy goods in large packages because we believe it to be cheaper.  Even though single serve packaging may make more sense, order automatically we reach for the largest packet.  This has a number of disadvantages such as over eating or waste generation, site yet we allow the thought of [...]

Food and beverage

Four million unique bottles produced by Absolut

2 Oct 2012

Absolut Unique

Vodka manufacturers Absolut are claiming to have launched the world?s first limited edition spirit bottle, pills where every single bottle is unique.
It is a daring concept which has challenged the whole team behind the world famous brand and its packaging, viagra including the bottle?s manufacturer Ardagh Group, is a limited edition of nearly four [...]


Polish spirits no longer welcome abroad

17 Sep 2012


Export of vodka from Poland increased last year by eight percent but the export of spirits fell by over twenty percent.  And the bad news for vodka producers is that the same could well happen to their product.
Poland is the largest producer of vodka in the EU and the second largest spirits producer.  It is [...]


Vodka producer goes bankrupt

7 Aug 2012


Polish vodka producer Polmos Józefów has gone bankrupt.  The whole company alongside its real estate, brands production halls, packaging lines etc is up for sale for PLN9.5m.  Offers need to be received by 14 September.  Brands include a variety of ‘old’ names and have a wide ranging export market.

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