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Vodka production falls massively in Poland

11 Mar 2014

vodka PL

There was a massive fall in the production of vodka in Poland in January 2014 as predicted in this publication in December.  Of course this prediction was just common sense given that warehouses were stocking up on spirits before excise hikes came in at the end of 2013. 

Vodka production last year increased by over 12 [...]


Vodka sales fall in Poland

24 Feb 2014

Absolut Unique

Vodka sales in Poland fell last year by around 4.3 percent in a trend which has been continuing for some time.  Furthermore export markets for Polish vodka are not increasing due to a general decline in demand for this product.  This year sales are likely to continue to fall in part due to excise increases [...]


Mad rush for vodka in Poland

18 Dec 2013


There is currently a mad rush to buy vodka in Poland.  Factories are working around the clock and some packaging plants have been unable to keep up supplies.  Wholesalers are buying as much as they can as are vodka drinkers.  However this will all come to an end in the New Year as 15 percent [...]


Russian spirits sales fall

7 Oct 2013


In the first seven months of this year sales of spirits including vodka have fallen in Russia by 6.6 percent when compared with the same period of 2012.
A total of 906m litres of spirits were sold this year.  In August 115m litres were sold which represents a fall of 4.6 percent over August 2012.
Nonetheless it [...]


Vodka sales fall in Poland

29 Jul 2013


Sales of vodka have fallen in Poland by around EUR45m when the first six months of this year are compared to the same period of last year according to research analysts Nielsen.  Total sales came to around PLN4.8bn which represents a fall of around five percent.
Sales of flavoured vodka have also fallen by around one [...]


Vodka production falls in Russia as a result of a minimum price policy

24 Jul 2013


Legal vodka production in Russia fell by 28.3 percent in the first half of this year following a government minimum price for a half litre bottle increasing from RUR98 (EUR2.50) to RUR170 (EUR4.25).

The Russian alcohol producers organisation is pointing out that it warned what the effects would be.  Clearly vodka production has not fallen at [...]

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