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Cosmetics packaging market worth over USD25bn

30 Jun 2013

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The strong growth in emerging markets and the premiumisation and anti-aging trends in developed markets have increased the value in cosmetics packaging markets worldwide. As cosmetics packaging becomes more innovative and expensive . Strong growth is expected to emerge from emerging and developing markets where consumers increasingly demand more of non-essential cosmetics products.

This development [...]


Rigid plastic packaging market worth over USD161bn

2 Jun 2013

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The global rigid plastic packaging market will experience a significant degree of change over 2013-2023. The emerging markets will show strong growth driven by increasing disposable incomes. There is also a considerable degree of immaturity in the emerging markets and multinationals will look to expand in these regions. The emerging markets will also play an [...]


Metal packaging market forecast to reach USD102.1bn this year

14 May 2013

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Various consumer-trends are driving metal packaging demand . The increasingly busy lifestyles of modern consumers and rapidly aging societies are magnifying the demand for convenient and long-lasting food packaging . Increased awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of freshly packaged food as well as nutrient-retaining qualities of metal packaging are driving demand. Growing environmental [...]


Global personal care packaging worth nearly USD42bn

6 May 2013

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Analysis suggests that the global personal care packaging market will be driven by growth in the developing markets and the clear emergence of a middle class with higher disposable incomes, healing in addition to a number of current consumer trends. The emerging markets will be characterised by strong economic growth and this will facilitate [...]


Intelligent packaging market worth over EUR10bn

3 May 2013

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The global active, sickness intelligent & smart packaging market has been experiencing strong growth. Many companies and organisations are now fully aware of the importance of the innovative packaging technology. Increasing health awareness, viagra rising food and safety concerns and improved purchasing power declare that the future of packaging will lie in active, [...]


Healthcare packaging market worth USD96.2bn

21 Apr 2013

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The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Healthcare packaging is essential for protecting the medicines and medical equipment from contamination from air, recipe moisture and dust. Being a vital industry, ask as emerging economies grow, search demand for healthcare packaging will increase, further strengthening the market. Visiongain [...]

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