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Beverage market worth over USD105bn

3 Sep 2015

Lowicz juice

The beverage packaging market is set to grow in the next 10 years at a fairly flat rate, the market will be driven by evolving consumer and demographic trends as well as fast economic growth in the developing markets across the globe, particularly in Asia and South America.
Visiongain’s analysis indicates that the global beverage packaging [...]


Nano packaging market worth USD20bn

10 Mar 2014

danaflex Kazan nano

The economic crisis has hindered packaging demand. This has led to an increase in global competition which has meant that the selection of goods on offer is as high as it has ever been. In fact, discount the marketplace is almost too saturated, with consumers having to sift through a number of similar looking [...]


Rigid packaging worth over USD161bn

3 Mar 2014


The global rigid plastic packaging market will experience a significant degree of change over 2013-2023. The emerging markets will show strong growth driven by increasing disposable incomes. There is also a considerable degree of immaturity in the emerging markets and multinationals will look to expand in these regions. The emerging markets will also play an [...]


MAP and CAP markets worth almost USD11bn

20 Jan 2014

ham russia

Although recent economic turmoil has put its stamp over many industries worldwide, malady the MAP & CAP industry continues to be robust and in many countries is expected to exhibit strong growth prospects.
Developed nations are experiencing a saturated state at the moment, advice in terms of MAP & CAP, but this can [...]


Global packaging machinery market worth over USD152bn

19 Nov 2013

ish.2013.064 Rotobatcher closer view (LR)

Whilst the effects of the economic crisis have negatively impacted overall packaging consumption, troche the conditions that the crisis has created have proved favourable to the growth of packaging machinery. As a consequence of the economic crisis, viagra there has been a change in consumer preferences and this has been reflected in purchasing [...]


Food preservation market worth USD103bn

21 Oct 2013

Chris Bush Tesco

Although recent economic turmoil has put its stamp over many industries worldwide, sickness the food preservation technologies industry continue to stay robust and in many countries is expected to show a very good performance.
Developed nations experience a saturated state at the moment, find when it comes to Food Preservation Technologies, health [...]

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