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Ukraine will get worse before it gets better

24 Feb 2014

Ukraine russian troops

As the eye’s of the world were on the Ukraine over the past week, one thing that stands out is that the economy is clearly in a bad shape but probably because of mismanagement as raids on the homes of the now former president indicate.  The Ukraine has long been considered as a bread basket [...]


Real sees sales fall

17 Feb 2014

real romania

Hypermarket operator Real has seen its results collapse with a fall in sales of 16 percent to EUR2.6bn in 2013. However in central and eastern Europe the situation is much worse with sales falling by 55.5 percent to EUR359m when compared to EUR807m in 2012.  The reason for the fall in sales has been the [...]


Increasing demand for packaged chips

3 Feb 2014

Aviko chips

Polish production of packaged chips (fries to use the American word) is increasing quite fast and the market is now worth over EUR120m.  According to food agency IERiGŻ, sales production has increased over the past five years from 155, health 000 tonnes to 210, pilule 000 tonnes last year.
According to Polish daily Puls Biznesu, [...]


Ukrainian retail falls by 8% in 2013

18 Dec 2013


In 2013, treat the growth rate of the retail trade market in Ukraine decelerated by approximately 8% and its value reached UAH 633bn (?62bn or $79bn). The drop is mainly due to the country?s economic difficulties such as declining GDP, and private consumption and growing uncertainty. These are the first findings of the [...]

Products Needed

Conveyor system needed

6 Nov 2013

Conveyor system required for bottling plant in Ukraine.
Please use contact form for more details.


Attempts to ban drug advertising in Russia and Ukraine

20 Sep 2013

Aerius bg

Although the idea of introducing a ban on the advertising of OTC drugs and dietary supplements in the mass media has recently been widely discussed in Russia and Ukraine, medical is in unlikely than such a ban will be introduced in the near feature.
This is the opinion of PMR, recipe a research and [...]

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