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Industry Awards

Prize for can

28 Jan 2014


The Nemo can for Bonduelle has been described as ?a real game changer in metal packaging?, look stuff representing the future of food packaging at the time of being recognised in the Worldstar awards.
The Worldstar Awards are recognised for showcasing the best of the best in new packaging developments on a global stage. [...]

Food and beverage

Bonduelle launches light weight can

29 Apr 2013

After ten years in development French canned vegetable producer Bonduelle has launched a new food can which the company claims delivers environmental benefits through using nitrogen dosing techniques, there similar to those used in the beverage industry, thumb for the first time in food canning which leads to less metal being used in [...]


Swiss lozenge manufacture updates line and reduces breakage

21 Apr 2013

ish2012.045 Ricola CCW with product full view (PR shot) IMG2654_kl

The introduction of equipment at a throat lozenge manufacturer has reduced product breakage during packing, search as well as markedly increasing throughput and minimising giveaway.
Ricola AG of Laufen in Switzerland has been making herbal confectionery for more than 70 years and has built up a dedicated customer base all over the world, sovaldi sale [...]


Very original new look for old Russian vodka brand

8 Jul 2012

kremlin award 2

Russian vodka Kremlin Award has come out in new packaging of a type seldom seen in its home market and one which appears to be aimed at the export business. The message the brand owners are attempting to convey, sick in their words, sovaldi is that this is the ?best and only genuine [...]

Food and beverage

Bonduelle introduces new range in Russia, Romania and Bulgaria

8 Jul 2012


Canned vegetable supplier Bonduelle has upgraded its packaging design for Russia, unhealthy Romania and Bulgaria in an effort to refine its market position. To this end it has divided its product range into three main lines: Classic, Expert and Fusion.
The basic line of Classic includes single product contents intended for universal use (corn, peas, [...]

Food and beverage

Serbian ready meal producer exchanges tin for plastic

27 Jun 2012

rpc2012.020 Swisslion Takovo pic1

Serbian food manufacturer Kompanija Takovo a.d. has repackaged its range of Premium ready meals in multi-layer bowls in order to meet the growing demand for quality convenience foods in the Serbian market. The new packs have replaced tin cans to provide a format that combines long ambient shelf life with maximum consumer convenience.
The meals are [...]