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Project aims to make plastics from peat

21 Jan 2013


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed methods and product innovations for processing the most rapidly renewable surface layer of peat instead of using it for energy production. The goal is to develop bio-based composite materials containing peat fibre, viagra for example for the manufacture of consumer products and construction materials, at the [...]

Products Needed

Thermoplastic film required

9 Jan 2013

Thermoplastic film required, check pilule purchase soluble in cold water, find perfect for liquid industrial material can be safely packed and used in PVA (PVOH) Water-soluble bags. Country of use is Hungary.
Please see : http://www.linkedin.com/groups/I-am-searching-thermoplastic-film-843487.S.199763243?view=&gid=843487&type=member&item=199763243