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Tesco will drop to third place in Polish retail league

3 Dec 2012

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If Auchan’s purchase of Real’s business in Poland, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine goes through – and there is nothing to suggest that it will not – then Auchan will become the leading hypermarket operator in Poland and take second place overall for food retail.  Furthermore it would threaten the leading position of the Portuguese [...]


Large packaging is cheaper! Or is it?

11 Nov 2012


Many of us will buy goods in large packages because we believe it to be cheaper.  Even though single serve packaging may make more sense, order automatically we reach for the largest packet.  This has a number of disadvantages such as over eating or waste generation, site yet we allow the thought of [...]


Multiprint Labels – Progress through satisfied customers

5 Oct 2012


If a company has been in the highly competitive self adhesive label business for almost 50 years it must be doing something right. Multiprint Labels Ltd situated at Swords near to Dublin airport is fast approaching that landmark anniversary in 2014.
At the core of Multiprint Labels? business ethic is customer care which extends from offering advice on meeting [...]


Polish food exports may change brand names but keep the same packaging

6 Aug 2012

Prince polo classic

According to the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza, ambulance Polish food products are becoming increasingly popular abroad – and are instantly recognisable by their packaging even if they do not always use the same brand names as in Poland.
One example quoted by the Polish daily is that of Prince Polo, a chocolate covered wafer.   Its [...]


Tesco not using its own name on private label goods

27 Jul 2012


Tesco has taken a decision to market its private label brand no using the name Tesco on the packaging.  This experiment is being attempted with its Chokablok ice cream lollipops in the UK which are being sold in various non Tesco outlets. It would be logical that if it were found to be a success, [...]


Intermarche to increase private label offering

15 Jul 2012

The French group Intermarche which is also present in Poland, cialis various Balkan countries, Belgium and Portugal, has announced that it is to introduce another 150 private label products this year.
The private label sector in Poland is growing very strongly although it is still well behind that of Germany for example.  It is no [...]

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