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Local tea – in the UK?

10 Feb 2014


A curious display of ‘locally produced tea’ has appeared in Co-op shops throughout the UK.  It comes in recycled biodegradable cardboard packaging – which may well be local – but has the UK started to produce tea?


Major expansion for Polish herbal manufacturer

28 Jan 2014


Herbapol, tadalafil one of the largest producers of herbal medicines and other homopathic health goods intends to develop a major manufacturing facility near Wrocław, rx Poland with the purchase of a five hectare plot in Rzeplin.  This will include a significant packaging investment.
Herbapol specializes in production of pharmaceuticals based on herbal raw materials. [...]


US Demand for Beverage Containers to Reach 265 Billion Units in 2017

29 Sep 2013


US demand for beverage containers is expected to increase 1.7 percent annually through 2017 to 265 billion units, pharmacy valued at $29.1 billion.  Unit gains will be driven by ongoing consumer preference for single-serving containers in many markets, viagra sale increasing interest in alternatives to carbonated soft drinks, try and a proliferation [...]

Food and beverage

Tea company opts for cellulose based film

12 Aug 2013

Les Jardins Crop HIGH RES

French tea company, Les Jardins de Gaïa is to pack its range of organic teas in individual sachets made from compostable cellulose-based film. Founded in 1994, Les Jardins de Gaïa is a Fair Trade, organic tea company based near Strasbourg.  As part of their philosophy of selling natural organic products, they wanted to wrap their [...]


Eco labels in the food industry not always what they seem to be

9 Jan 2013

foodland serbia 1

The number of eco-labels in the food industry is likely to continue to proliferate in 2013. Over 200 seals and logos represent some ecological, search ethical, remedy ingredient or sustainability attributes in the global food industry. The mushrooming number of eco-labels could have adverse consequences.
The majority of eco-labels in the food industry are [...]

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