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Quality packaging for Scandinavian mouthwash

8 Aug 2012

NaF_Bottle_500ml_HI Adult copy

When Swedish company Meda OTC were looking for a new bottle design, they turned to Graham Packaging Europe, to assist in the launch of two new mouthwash products that span the generations, one specifically for kids and the other for adults.
Graham Packaging worked closely with their distributors in Sweden, to supply a lightweight 500ml gloss [...]

Food and beverage

Multihead weigher working at packaging chicken pieces

8 Aug 2012

ish2011.004 Danpo CCW chicken on RFT

Despite operating in a harsh food packing environment, cialis a  multihead weigher is achieving excellent accuracy and reliability on IQF chicken pieces at the ?rs factory of Danpo, hospital one of Denmark?s leading poultry processors and part of the Swedish food group Krongf?gel Holding.

The Ishida CCW-RS-214/70-WP-LONG weigher is handling a variety of frozen [...]


No improvement in glass recycling

8 Jul 2012

Baltimor Admiral after

According to the latest glass recycling estimates ? published by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) one year ahead of Eurostat?s official data ? the average glass recycling rate in the European Union remains stable at 68%. That means about 25 billion glass bottles and jars were collected throughout the European Union in 2010.
Nonetheless some [...]


Recovery boiler comes on line

15 Jun 2012

At eight a.m. on Tuesday 12 June Iggesund Paperboard?s new recovery boiler and turbine came on line at Iggesund Mill. At almost 240 million Euro, ailment this is the mill?s largest investment ever. The start-up also meant that the project team, ampoule including almost a thousand contractors, ed reached the finish line [...]


Hamburger chain having difficulty convincing Poles

2 May 2012

Max hamburger

The Swedish Max hamburger chain, try medical which claims to be the oldest hamburger chain in Europe, doctor no rx is having difficulty entering the Polish market finding it already swamped by McDonalds. The Swedes base their USP on being more ecologically pro active and reducing fat. They even claim that [...]


Lid warns if coffee is hot or cold!

30 Apr 2012


A rather odd ‘smart’ lid is becoming available in Europe. The manufacturers claim that this lid shows the temperature of the coffee and in theory should warm the drinker if the coffee is too cold or too hot. As recent articles in this publication have shown, the food service business is growing very strongly but [...]

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