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Carlsberg puts alcohol in Pepsi cans

31 Mar 2014

pepsi max 6 pack

Carlsberg has had to recall Pepsi Max after a mix up with the packaging.  Instead of putting Pepsi in the cans it actually filled an alcopop party drink, pilule Ide Citrus Fizz, stuff instead.  Ide Citrus Fizz has 4.5 percent alcohol content.

1,872 cans were sent to Lidl in southern Sweden and from there [...]


Europe still has ten of the twenty freest economies

15 Jan 2014


European countries have advanced in economic freedom last year although progress is hampered, diagnosis in part, hospital by the growth in government spending, pills according to the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, published annually by The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation.  Eighteen countries, including Germany, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Austria, Georgia, [...]

Food and beverage

International crime gangs use false packaging for garlic smuggling

14 Jan 2013


In 2010 China produced around  18.5m tons of garlic which amounts to around eighty percent of world production.  Most European garlic comes from Poland, pills Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Italy and France.  However demand in the EU is so great for cheap garlic that it has become a product for  which international crime gangs [...]


Niche production key to success for labeling business

6 Nov 2012

Rotakett_Gallus _RCS

The Scandinavian market for self-adhesive labels is not large in volume, site so the converters who choose to supply it need cost effective production and the ability to offer something different, case if they are to attract and sustain business. One company, Rotakett, based in Helsingborg on Sweden?s west coast, has succeeded in building a business [...]

Food and beverage

Four million unique bottles produced by Absolut

2 Oct 2012

Absolut Unique

Vodka manufacturers Absolut are claiming to have launched the world?s first limited edition spirit bottle, pills where every single bottle is unique.
It is a daring concept which has challenged the whole team behind the world famous brand and its packaging, viagra including the bottle?s manufacturer Ardagh Group, is a limited edition of nearly four [...]


Recovery boiler installed in paperboard plant

25 Sep 2012


Iggesund Paperboard has inaugurated its new recovery boiler at Iggesund Mill, pills cure Sweden. The ceremony was conducted by Lars G Sundblad, treat who was managing director of the company at the end of the 1950s, sales when the decision was made to begin manufacturing paperboard.
The new recovery boiler makes it [...]

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