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We need to eat more insects

27 May 2014

Edible cricket

According to the FAO, there demand for animal proteins is expected to rise by over 30% by 2050. The expanding population and changing dietary habits in the developing world are putting pressure on existing protein sources. Rising demand is likely to hike meat and grain prices, drugstore and further strain seafood supply. Increasing [...]

Products Needed

Sustainable barrier solution required

6 Nov 2013

Supplier of performance materials is seeking a sustainable barrier solution to support a variety of common applications to both organic and inorganic solids.
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The role of wood in beauty packaging

29 May 2013

russia after fire

In the beauty sector, wood is trendy among luxury brands today. Adding a wooden cap or sleeve to the packaging adds prestige to high-end perfumery and cosmetics brands. This material brings a host of benefits, such as a high perceived value, sensory appeal and sometimes even an extended life beyond the use of the product. [...]


Heineken sets environmental targets it does not yet know how to reach

12 Apr 2013

heineken brands

Heineken has published its 2012 Sustainability Report and has set targets for the next four years to focus on protecting water resources, reducing CO2 emissions, sourcing sustainably and advocating responsible consumption.
Heineken’s CEO, Jean-François van Boxmeer, in a rare show of honesty in today’s corporate hype admitted that although the company had set ambitious targets it [...]


Sustainable brands need to position themselves correctly

5 Apr 2013


A major challenge that organic and sustainable brands face is how to break through the green glass ceiling. How can such brands break out of their niche status and gain a mainstream following? How can they maintain their core green values, diagnosis whilst appealing to wider consumer groups?

A small group of consumers comprise most [...]

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