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Beverage packages: uniqueness counts

25 Mar 2014

big can

?Less is more? is the consumer?s motto when it comes to beverages: less additives and preservatives and zero sugar. With packages the opposite is true, illness for they have to be individually designed, recipe promise product quality and possibly offer extra utility as well. Such consumer behaviour is not exactly kind to the [...]

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Call for food packaging to contain sugar warning

10 Mar 2014

coca cola sharing can

Increased demands are being made for sugar to be labelled with warnings on product packaging as cigarettes are as the the World Health Organisation (WHO) urges people to reduce their consumption by half to a 12 teaspoons per day.  The problem is that people do not usually realise where their sugar is coming from.
The effect [...]


Obesity on the increase globally

5 Jan 2014

mcdos burger

According to a report entitled Future Diets by the British think tank, sovaldi the Overseas Development Unit, there has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of overweight or obese people in the past 30 years. Previously considered a problem in richer countries, the biggest rises are in middle income countries and the developing [...]


Packaging tricks fool the customer

17 Sep 2012

victoria inside

As food prices rise and the margins of the retail outlets are pushed harder, online recipe all sorts of tricks need to be employed by the shop owners to maintain their profits.
With many retailers operating at under one percent margin in many areas of central and eastern Europe, case one way is [...]


Succinic acid being used to produce biodegradable film

18 Jul 2012

A biodegradable polyester resin BionolleTM has been produced by Showa Denko K.K. (SDK in Japan on a commercial scale using bio-derived succinic acid.  SDK has started providing film-grade samples of this product.
BionolleTM, ailment which can be fully decomposed after use into water and carbon dioxide, illness has been used in compost bags and mulch films.  [...]

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Russia to increase sugar production

3 Jun 2012

russia sugar

Russia, mind one of the largest importers in the world of sugar, is to construct two sugar refineries in the Stavropol region in the south of the country. Each refinery will be capable of refining one million tonnes of sugar beet and this will double production in the Stavropol district. Russia currently imports around [...]