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Weight batcher introduced

20 Sep 2013

ish.2013.064 Rotobatcher closer view (LR)

Ishida Europe has introduced a second model into its weigh batcher range.  The new Roto-Batcher combines the accurate weighing of fresh meat and poultry with manual manipulation to optimise their arrangement and presentation in trays, click while its circular rotary batching table, buy cialis positioned directly below the weigher, viagra also maximises [...]


Improved packaging technology aids agribusiness

14 Jun 2013

ish2012.070 Fruit Du Sud-  three RFT's  (PR shot - low res)

A raisin producer has been able to increase business by thirty percent over the past two years largely by improving its packaging technology.
Fruits du Sud is part of the Afrifresh Group, clinic one of South Africa?s leading integrated agricultural businesses, with large citrus and grape production and activities that span farming, packaging, technical assurance, [...]