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Eco labels in the food industry not always what they seem to be

9 Jan 2013

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The number of eco-labels in the food industry is likely to continue to proliferate in 2013. Over 200 seals and logos represent some ecological, search ethical, remedy ingredient or sustainability attributes in the global food industry. The mushrooming number of eco-labels could have adverse consequences.
The majority of eco-labels in the food industry are [...]


Retailer launching chain of coffee shops

17 Jul 2012


Retailer Jeronimo Martins has opened two cafes in Poland, shop following a pattern that it is now trying out in Portugal offering both sit down and take out drinks.  The company is already the largest grocer in Poland under its flagship Biedronka brand.
Jeronimo Martins is using the brand name of Kropka Relaks in Poland.  [...]


Green coffee based drink being offered by Starbucks in Poland

11 Jul 2012


In an attempt to move away from coffee, troche Starbucks is to introduce a green coffe based fruit drink in 19 countries including Poland.  The drink is packaged in metal for those wishing a take out.


Caffe Nero to enter Poland

5 Jul 2012

caffe Nero

Caffe Nero, capsule site buy cialis one of the largest coffee chains in Europe, sovaldi established a joint-venture with Green Coffee, a Polish network of cafe bars according to market analysts PMR. The first establishment under Green Caffe Nero logo is due to open on Unii Lubelskiej Street in Warsaw. The [...]