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Russian spirits sales fall

7 Oct 2013


In the first seven months of this year sales of spirits including vodka have fallen in Russia by 6.6 percent when compared with the same period of 2012.
A total of 906m litres of spirits were sold this year.  In August 115m litres were sold which represents a fall of 4.6 percent over August 2012.
Nonetheless it [...]


Liner for wine just 23 microns thick

6 Jun 2013


Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has introduced a thin PET23 liner for wine & spirits paper facestocks.  At just 23 microns thick, viagra the liner is possibly the thinnest liner on the market.
The manufacturers claim that it is fully recyclable and also able to boost productivity during both conversion and dispensing.
?PET23 liner is [...]

Products Needed

Labeling sought

30 Jan 2013

Russian producer of spirits is seeking new labeling possibilities to make the product stand out more on shelf as part of a make over designed to give an up market appearance.
Please use contact form on www.ceepackaging.com .


Accelerated demand for PET on flights

11 Nov 2012

Graham Flasks & Miniatures2

The wine and spirit industry have been using PET bottles for miniatures and flasks for over twenty years, decease initially the drive came from the airlines when a significant hike in fuel prices focussed the minds of the airlines to reduce weight wherever they could. Changing from glass to PET bottles for any on [...]


Polish spirits no longer welcome abroad

17 Sep 2012


Export of vodka from Poland increased last year by eight percent but the export of spirits fell by over twenty percent.  And the bad news for vodka producers is that the same could well happen to their product.
Poland is the largest producer of vodka in the EU and the second largest spirits producer.  It is [...]


Consumption of spirits increases in Russia whilst production falls

6 Aug 2012

absolut bottles

Consumption of spirits has increased in Russia by over two percent in the first half of this year when compared to the same period of 2011, an increase of over two percent.  Between January and June, Russians drank 644m litres of spirits.
The strange thing is that local production is decreasing.  Last year the country produced [...]