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Hot weather good for drinks sales

12 Aug 2013


After an awful spring, ask the heatwave across Central and Eastern Europe is now well into its third month and this is very good news for drinks producers.  Various companies are predicting record sales.  Coca Cola is now working around the clock, sickness seven days a week producing all sorts of drinks.
According to [...]

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Vases used for special occasion confectionery and snacks

9 Jul 2012

dolly mix Sainsburys Jubilee pic

Supermarket giant Sainsbury?s offered a range of vintage-style confectionery and snacks in vases to celebrate HM The Queen?s Diamond Jubilee in June.
The 760ml standard PET vases were supplied by RPC Blackburn in a clear polymer which allowed Sainsbury?s to maximise the colourful contents, pills and reflected the traditional feel of the limited edition range. [...]