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Stretch and shrink sleeve market could be worth USD13.2bn

13 Feb 2017

CCL Label Turkey

The market for stretch sleeve & shrink sleeve labels could be worth USD13.2bn by 2020 according to research by Markets and Markets.  Demand for these products have been growing in line with the labeling and packaging industry. The increasing population, more about rising incomes & spending capacities of people in developing economies, ampoule [...]


Tetra Pack claims to be closer to a fully renewable package

10 Mar 2014

Tetra Top® with Separable Top

Tetra Pak?, malady has claimed today that the company made strong progress in 2013 towards its 2020 environmental targets, viagra focusing on developing sustainable products, site reducing environmental footprint across the value chain and increasing recycling.
Developing sustainable products
To make packaging products more sustainable, Tetra Pak focuses on increasing the use of renewable [...]


Labels for creative applications

2 Sep 2012

Smoothie manufacturer Innocent came up with a witty idea for styling its products: fans knitted little woolly hats to fit on top of its PET bottles. In Germany alone, buy 200,000 hats were turned out in one year. What a great marketing idea! But of course, one that´s outside the scope of large-scale industrial [...]

Food and beverage

Vegetable producer changes from tin and glass to squeezy plastic

7 Aug 2012

Serbosco pic

One of Italy?s leading manufacturer of creamed vegetables has become possibly the first producer to pack its products in squeezy plastic bottles. Serbosco Srl says the new packaging delivers important brand image, thumb safety and convenience benefits.
The company has selected the 670ml ?top down? Orion bottle from RPC Corby with a 38mm valveless cap [...]


Fuji Seal to merge with Pago

1 Jun 2012

The two groups of companies Fuji Seal and Pago have announced their merger to create a global supplier of sleeves, physician discount labels, see view flexible packaging as well as sleeve application and labelling technology. The merger will be implemented via the acquisition of Pago shares by Fuji Seal.
Fuji Seal and [...]