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Gallus becomes a strategic supplier to Schreiner Group with its screen printing plates

22 Apr 2013


Gallus has extended its long-standing partnership with Oberschleissheim based Schreiner Group for Gallus Screeny screen printing plates. The programme for optimising usage and boosting efficiency in rotary screen printing has been agreed for the next two years and is then to be continued as part of ongoing process improvement.
The Schreiner Group produces innovative high-tech labels [...]


New seal of quality – Gallus Screeny Genuine Plates

21 Jan 2013


Redesigning the packaging of all Gallus Screeny products also involved revising the label function and introducing the new ?Genuine Plates? seal of quality. This seal of quality guarantees that users really will find what they ordered inside the packaging ? an original screen from Gallus.
?Genuine Plates? is a guarantee of the properties and company values that users expect [...]

Food and beverage

Spear’s innovations transform new Bacardi Labels

23 Jul 2012


Spear has collaborated with Bacardi to develop an interactive label that is paired with their introduction of two new rum flavours; Bacardi Wolf Berry and Bacardi Black Razz. Continuing with a long-standing relationship between the two companies, site Spear provided innovative label ideas that are focused on assisting Bacardi with gaining a competitive-edge in [...]


Competitive glass bottles for discount nail polish range

16 Jul 2012

Quadpack Bod. Nail Polishes Carlo di Roma

Spanish discount make-up brand Carlo di Roma now uses a standard pack from Quadpack?s glass bottle range for its latest nail polish collection. 
Quadpack supplied a square 14ml bottle to match Carlo di Roma?s cap and brush, prostate purchase ensuring a tight, order seamless fit. Available in a wide range of colours, store [...]