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Wood look helping liver sausage sell

17 Sep 2013

liver sausage

People associate Bavaria with mountains, shop ?lederhosen? and a cosy atmosphere. The sausage producer Houdek conveys a piece of this Bavarian way of life with its eye-catching compound packaging in a natural wood look. The products look as if they are served on a typical wooden board used for light meals in Bavaria. At [...]

Food and beverage

Sausage packaging wins award

21 Jan 2013

Stairway WorldStar 2013 lo-res

German sausage producer Muhlenhof won a WPO award for its stairway packaging in the annual awards held in November 2012.
The WPO (World Packaging Organisation) gave various awards to products that won acknowledgement in national or regional competitions in November.
The 2013 awards attracted a record 316 entries across seven categories, prostate representing 33 countries.


Recycled MAP applications being used for water retention projects

23 Jul 2012


MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) present a rapidly growing application as packaging for sophisticated foods such as meat, sausage, cheese, fish and other applications in the field of delicatessen. In MAP packages, which are manufactured from PVC/PE or PET/PE composites with a strong barrier against oxygen, the oxygen portion is withdrawn from the internal air. [...]