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Save Food initiative launched in Moscow

13 Feb 2017


A roundtable centered on addressing the challenge of food loss and waste reduction in different subsectors of the Russian economy was held at the UN House in Moscow. The event, drugs co-organized by the FAO Liaison Office in Moscow (FAOLOR) and the Retail Companies? Association of Russia (ACORT), gathered representatives from the Ministry of [...]


Russian market may be on the rebound

13 Feb 2017

Russia map flag

There is confidence in Russia about the year that has just begun: following a difficult period, visit dominated by political tensions, link a drop in the oil price and a weak rouble, experts are now working on the assumption that the domestic economy will be moving out of recession. The World Bank is [...]


Russia likely to continue sanctions

24 Jun 2015


According to Russian news agency TASS, prescription cialis ask illness Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has requested that deputy premier Sergey Prikhodko prepare an extension request for continuing sanctions for the approval of Vladimir Putin.  The sanctions were made by way of a presidential decree.
Sanctions currenly include fresh fruit and vegetables as [...]


Russia places sanctions on itself

8 Aug 2014


Yesterday Russia became the first country ever to place sanctions on itself – at least I cannot think of another example of this happening.
Russia’s strongest card is its exports of oil and gas as I have already pointed out.  Its weakest is its reliance of imports of food from other countries.  Russia imports more than [...]


McDonalds pulls out of Crimea

7 Apr 2014


McDonalds has closed its three restaurants in Crimea, located at Simferopol, Yalta and Sevastopol.
The company said in a statement published on its site, ‘like many other multi-national companies, McDonald’s is currently evaluating potential business and regulatory implications which may result from the evolving situation in Crimea. We believe it is prudent and responsible to sort [...]


Media Markt continuing Russian investments

31 Mar 2014

Media Markt russia

So much for the worries of disinvestment in Russia as Media Markt intends to open seven new electronics superstores in Russia by September 2014.
The openings will increase Media Markt?s Russian network to 64 stores in 29 cities while its sales area will expand by 30, viagra 000 square metres. The first two stores will open [...]

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