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Food and beverage

Compostible capsule for coffee introduced

6 Mar 2017

rpc2017.024 Bebo B2 Nature Coffee Capsules

With single serve drinks systems continuing to grow in popularity, cialis 40mg there is an increasing requirement to balance the demand for capsules with sustainable packaging solutions.
RPC Bebo has now developed an innovative coffee capsule material that is able to be industrially composted while still delivering long-term protection of the contents and being able [...]


Applicator for creams developed

10 Apr 2015

rpc2014.188 Bramlage Magic Star 1

RPC Bramlage has designed and developed a special applicator for its Magic Star range of dispensers that enhances the application of a range of creams and lotions.
The new bi-injection moulded actuator is compatible with the standard Magic Star pump head and can be used on all size containers.  The actuator is made of PP and [...]


New invention speeds up time-to-market

6 Feb 2013


A new invention from the Danish, viagra sale TurnAvisual, capsule now speeds up time-to-maket for brand owners when developing new products.  Introduced at the packaging exhibition in Paris in November 2012 www.turnavisual.com offers packaging manufacturers, brand owners and graphic designers a completely new solution where the creation of artwork instead of going the [...]


Plastics firm changes hands

11 Dec 2012

RPC Group has acquired specialist injection moulding plastic packaging manufacturer Manuplastics Limited. The company will become part of the RPC Bramlage-Wiko cluster.
First incorporated as Prestware Limited in 1933, for sale the current Manuplastics Limited was established following a management buyout from Cope Allman Plastics Limited in 1976. The company operates from a purpose-built factory, [...]