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Robotic arm created

6 Mar 2017


Ocado Technology has created a robotic arm capable of safely grasping a wide variety of products, including over 48,000 hypermarket items.
The robotic arm comes as a result of the close collaboration between Ocado Technology and the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), and represents an integral part of the SoMa project – a European Union-funded, Horizon 2020 [...]


Family company passes from father to sons

5 Oct 2012

Firmenleitung Gerhard Schubert GmbH

When Gerhard Schubert presented his first hot-melt box erecting and gluing machine to the public 46 years ago, his sons Gerald and Ralf were only two and five years old, respectively.
That box erecting and gluing machine was followed by a series of technical highlights including the world’s first packaging robot, Schubert’s own packaging machine control [...]


Light weight 65mm overcap brought to the market

13 Sep 2012

Close up layer packing

Plasticum, market leader in aerosol caps, recognises the market need for high quality, cost-efficient and eco-friendly products. Therefore Plasticum developed Sunshine, a lightweight 65 mm over cap for ambitious customers in the technical aerosol market. Sunshine is unique and distinguishes itself from the competition.
Sunshine has been developed in conjunction with partners in the industry to [...]


German chemical manufacturer installs robotic line

5 Jul 2012

Clariant_photo 1

Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH has six production facilities in the Gersthofen industrial area in the rural Bavarian-Swabian district of Augsburg. In the additives sector, case the chemical company manufactures and processes natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic waxes. To enable these to be stacked in bags on pallets particularly gently, quickly and with high quality and [...]