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Retail sales growing in Poland

3 Feb 2014

400th Carrefour

According to analysts PMR, prescription retail sales at current prices rose by 5.8 percent year on year in Poland in December 2013, site an acceleration compared with the previous month, cialis sale according to data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS).
In comparison with the corresponding period of 2012, sales were up in [...]

Food and beverage

What could replace sweets as impulse purchase?

21 Jan 2014


Today?s shoppers expect a wide selection of high-quality fresh produce. But a successful produce department also needs something more: the right atmosphere. Consumers should feel good about their shopping experience. They need to be reached on an emotional level.
Purchasing decisions are not always logical. Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are amongst the healthiest foods [...]


Tesco and Carrefour have most recognised private labels in Poland

19 Jan 2014

tesco fruit

Tesco and Carrefour have the best recognised private label brands in Poland according to research carried out in December 2013 and January 2014.
SW Research found that Tesco private label products were bought by 64 percent of Poles whilst Carrefour products were sold to 61 percent.
Only five percent said that they never bought private label goods.
Respondents [...]

Food and beverage

Consumers demading correct eco labelling of food

6 Jan 2014


Sales of certified eco-labeled products are soaring because of growing consumer interest in food origins, try particularly as far as GM is concerned and demands for it to be properly labelled.
North America is experiencing a surge in certified food product sales as consumers seek greater transparency. This development is leading to a proliferation in [...]


Ukrainian retail falls by 8% in 2013

18 Dec 2013


In 2013, treat the growth rate of the retail trade market in Ukraine decelerated by approximately 8% and its value reached UAH 633bn (?62bn or $79bn). The drop is mainly due to the country?s economic difficulties such as declining GDP, and private consumption and growing uncertainty. These are the first findings of the [...]


Hard discounters no longer competing solely on price

6 Nov 2013


A market study recently published by German consumer research organisation GfK found that food prices at discount supermarkets increased by 4% in August, significantly more than in standard supermarkets, where prices rose by 1.6% only.
According to the market researchers, it’s no longer accurate to view these discount chains as price-players. They are increasingly offering a [...]

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