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Recycling a fundamental expectation finds report

17 Sep 2013


Tetra Pak® says that the results of its 5th bi-annual environment survey, highlighting a rising demand for renewable materials and environmental labelling among consumers worldwide. The report also shows that recycling remains a fundamental expectation of both consumers and food industry stakeholders.
This year’s survey sees a significant rise in the attitude towards renewable materials among [...]


Tetra Pak launches Sustainability Update

9 Sep 2013


Tetra Pak? has launched its 2013 Sustainability Update in which the company claims to have expanded its dairy network which aims to improve quality and availability of raw milk in developing countries, viagra expanded its School Milk Programme and provided more than 26 billion carton packages in 39 countries with the Forest Stewardship Council? [...]


China refusing contaminated plastic for recycling

21 Aug 2013

China refuses dirty plastic

China has been taking used plastics for some time which are then recycled into other products.  However recently with more and more countries seeking to get rid of their unwanted collected plastic, cheap healing pharmacy ask China is getting more fussy and has begun to refuse dirty and contaminated plastic which [...]


Boat from empty plastic bottles

21 Aug 2013

plastic bottle boat

Following our recent amusing story about a bride whose dress was made up of used paper cups, generic here is an interesting photograph of someone who also found a use for empty plastic bottles.  Needless to say, sale this is not something you should try at home, until you find out just how [...]


European PET recycling at 52 percent

12 Aug 2013

PET bales recycling

PET is the largest plastic material recycled in Europe, order with the equivalent of more than 60 billion bottles recycled in 2012.  This represents over 52% of all PET bottles sold in Europe. 
Petcore Europe Chairman Roberto Bertaggia said: “Despite the poor economic situation in the European region, purchase the consumption of PET bottles [...]


Packaging law comes into effect in Poland

30 Jul 2013


In July 2013 Polish president Bronisław Komorowski signed a law relating to packaging and waste packaging which is designed to bring the country into line with EU regulations, there especially the 1994 EU packaging directive.
The government believes that the recycling system does not work and will not bring Poland up to EU standards before [...]

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