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Industry Awards

Environmental award goes to Dulux for paint can

1 Dec 2012

Green Apple Award pic 1

A Green Apple Gold Award has been given to Dulux for a plastic paint can for Dulux Colours using one-quarter recycled material.  The award conferred by the Green Organisation in the category ?Packaging that improves the sustainability of the product supply chain?.
Dulux Matt and Silk Colours is the first to market with a paint range in cans [...]

Food and beverage

New invention gives one-way PET kegs revolutionary features

23 Nov 2012

KeyKeg invention Double Wall technology

Lightweight Containers has launched the first member of a new generation of KeyKegs: the cylindrical KeyKeg20. The new one-way keg owes its unique characteristics to an invention called the Double Wall? technology, try which surrounds the bag containing the beverage. This latest addition to the KeyKeg family will be available starting in Q1 2013.

Applying [...]


Standard agreed for recycled plastics

23 Jul 2012


After two years of discussions, patient  plastics converters, store recyclers and collectors have agreed to launch a new European wide certification and audit scheme named EuCertPlast which implements existing CEN standard 15343 on post-consumer plastics recycling.
The project was conducted by EuPR and EPRO in collaboration with EuPC, EuPET, RECOVINYL, cyclos GmbH and a few [...]


Recycled MAP applications being used for water retention projects

23 Jul 2012


MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) present a rapidly growing application as packaging for sophisticated foods such as meat, sausage, cheese, fish and other applications in the field of delicatessen. In MAP packages, which are manufactured from PVC/PE or PET/PE composites with a strong barrier against oxygen, the oxygen portion is withdrawn from the internal air. [...]


Lightweighting technology devised for recycled aluminium

2 May 2012

Baltika can

A metal technology breakthrough that enables the use of recycled aluminum in the manufacture of extruded aluminum packaging for aerosols may be about to come into production. The resulting new metal alloy exhibits increased strength and allows lightweighting of the container without affecting package integrity. This technology breakthrough will allow manufacturers to lightweight their extruded [...]

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