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Metal packaging market forecast to reach USD102.1bn this year

14 May 2013

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Various consumer-trends are driving metal packaging demand . The increasingly busy lifestyles of modern consumers and rapidly aging societies are magnifying the demand for convenient and long-lasting food packaging . Increased awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of freshly packaged food as well as nutrient-retaining qualities of metal packaging are driving demand. Growing environmental [...]


Cortec® Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film Keeps Unruly Shipments Under Wraps!

6 May 2013


Cortec’s newly reformulated Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film provides a more efficient and cost effective corrosion protection solution for primary packaging and unitization. This stretch wrap, produced by Cortec® Corporation and EcoCortec® (a European Subsidiary of Cortec® Corporation), is the only product in the world that offers both vapour phase and contact protection to carbon and [...]


Anti glug feature added to plastic drums

5 Jun 2012

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A new generation of user-friendly large plastic containers that incorporate a totally new and unique anti-glug feature has been introduced. This plastic drum range has been developed to overcome key ecological, sickness transport, patient handling and pouring issues that have previously been associated with large containers.
Of major significance is the Safepour? anti-glug system. [...]