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Coded holograms: keeping the supply chain secure

31 Mar 2014


Everyone involved in the goods supply chain – manufacturers, distributors, consumers, taxation and government authorities – has learnt the value of security holograms and will be reassured by their presence on products and/or the packaging, recognising the benefits they provide. However, as coding and serialisation becomes mandated in various countries for products such as medicines [...]


Interactive packaging worth USD4bn

23 Feb 2014


Although the overall packaging industry was severely impacted by the economic recession, sick the interactive packaging market is gaining significant traction using the latest technologies and enhanced products. Globally, help interactive packaging is expected to exhibit a strong growth rate in mature markets and emerging markets. The former will benefit from technological advances [...]


QR codes growing in popularity

30 Jun 2013

qr reader-467x261

A recent survey by Pitney Bowes reports that Quick Response (QR) code usage in the U.S. in 2012 rose to 19 percent – up from 5 percent reported in the previous year – making it clear that the technology has gone mainstream.
QR codes are usually found on labels and product packaging, salve but they [...]


McDonald’s to bring out new packaging

21 Jan 2013

McDonalds Russia sign

McDonald’s says that it is going to be unveiling new packaging designs on all carry-out bags and fountain beverage cups with QR codes which it claims will provide consumers with information to help them make informed choices, and if nothing else will give them something to read whilst eating their hamburger. The launch begins this [...]


Next to nothing being done to stop cigarette smuggling

10 Dec 2012

According to the consulting company Almares, cialis sale some 7.5bn of the 51bn cigarettes smoked in Poland every year come from smuggling or avoid paying duty in some other means.  At the same time, ed revenues from tobacco were down in Q3 2012.  Problems to which the packaging industry has solutions, but there [...]


Anti-Counterfeiting – When do we start to move into the right direction

19 Jul 2012

anton lead-100dpi

The Product Authentication & Brand Security Conference 2012, cialis which takes place this year on September 10-11 in Chicago, see is branded by its organiser AWA as offering the latest trends and solutions in Anti-Counterfeiting. This year, speakers will address in particular fraud activity in foods and wines, the imaging supplies industry, and [...]

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