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Recycled MAP applications being used for water retention projects

23 Jul 2012


MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) present a rapidly growing application as packaging for sophisticated foods such as meat, sausage, cheese, fish and other applications in the field of delicatessen. In MAP packages, which are manufactured from PVC/PE or PET/PE composites with a strong barrier against oxygen, the oxygen portion is withdrawn from the internal air. [...]


Blister packs at fifty!

11 Jul 2012

blister pack

The first blister pack was introduced to the market 50 years ago. Today it is hard to imagine a world where unit doses of solid form pharmaceuticals are not available in this user-friendly format. So many advantages for the end-user have emerged and its most obvious benefit is that it is always clear how many tablets [...]


Calls for boycott of PVC packaging

8 Jul 2012


A report by the Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse and reported by the US based Center for Health Environment and Justice claims that elevated levels of toxic cadmium and lead has been found in PVC packaging which is sold by discount retailers.
According to a press release by TPCH, ‘almost 40 percent of PVC packaging of products [...]


Strong growth for bioplastics forecast

6 Jul 2012


US demand for bioplastics is forecast to climb at a 20 percent annual pace through 2016 to 250 million kilos, sovaldi valued at $680 million.  Although they have achieved a considerable degree of commercial success, bioplastics remain in an early stage of development, representing only a small niche within the overall plastics industry.  Going [...]


Performance films developing rapidly

4 Jul 2012

Plastics film processors, viagra converters and users gathered in Düsseldorf on 20 -22 June 2012 at the World Symposium on Performance Films (SPF 2012) to listen to experts from materials and technology suppliers, salve as well as key customers, doctor discuss the latest business and technology trends in the sector. 
SPF 2012 saw [...]


Mini tube range launched

1 Jul 2012

Small Jetran Packs - 23.02.12

Bell Packaging Limited have launched a new mini tube range to support the expanding standard sizes.  New tooling has been completed for Injection Moulded End Caps using the standard push fit and patented Jetlok? designs.
Available in minimum orders of 2, click 500 packs the tubes are supplied packed flat making shipping and storage very economic.  [...]