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We need to eat more insects

27 May 2014

Edible cricket

According to the FAO, there demand for animal proteins is expected to rise by over 30% by 2050. The expanding population and changing dietary habits in the developing world are putting pressure on existing protein sources. Rising demand is likely to hike meat and grain prices, drugstore and further strain seafood supply. Increasing [...]


Packaging suppliers being sued over alleged mistakes that made product taste foul

15 Jul 2012

According to the British Daily Mail. Harcos Labs, a company that sells ‘zombie blood’ is suing its packaging providers after claims their mistakes made the concoction ‘undrinkable’ and caused the bags to explode.  Zombie Blood is a novelty green drink with a  tangy lime flavour sold in an IV-style bag.
Harcos Labs alleges that Primal essence, Power Brands [...]