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Bio-based multimetal protection in a simple economical application!

30 Nov 2012


Cortec??s VpCI?-148 paper is a new, ed environmentally friendly, pilule grease resistant, corrosion inhibiting paper, comprised of biobased materials. In addition to its excellent corrosion inhibiting properties, VpCI?-148 also provides strong resistance to greases, oils, and solvents. Cortec? Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI?) – fight corrosion at the molecular level and provide protection [...]


Kraft wrap developed to protect metals in transit

4 Jul 2012

cortec 149

Cortec®’s VpCI®-149 is a new and unique corrosion inhibiting paper for the protection of a wide variety of metals. This environmentally safe, non-toxic paper is formulated for extra protection of sensitive metals such as copper, aluminum and cast iron, providing a superior level of VpCI® protection compared to other VCI papers.  Manufactured using a natural [...]