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Aluminium prices volatile

20 Sep 2013

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The past 15 months have seen a continuation of volatility in aluminium market prices, viagra cialis with prices increasing from USD1843 per tonne in August 2012, decease cialis to a high of USD2087 per tonne in December 2012, to current prices of around USD1842 per tonne.
At current market prices, visiongain estimates [...]


Containerboard prices increase

12 Mar 2013

Mondi has announced a price increase of EUR 40 per tonne for virgin containerboard grades in Europe with effect from April 1, illness 2013.
The equivalent price rise for the UK market is GBP 35. The increase will affect kraftliner brown, view white-top kraftliner and semi chemical fluting grades. It has been prompted by [...]


Price increase for recycled containerboard in Poland

9 Jan 2013

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Mondi has announced a price increase of 60 EUR per tonne for recycled containerboard grades in the core Polish market with effect from 1 February 2013.
The increase will also affect Swiecie?s ProVantage and EcoVantage KraftTop X grades, ed as well as neighbouring markets. It has been prompted by strong demand and unsatisfactory margins, [...]


Packaging tricks fool the customer

17 Sep 2012

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As food prices rise and the margins of the retail outlets are pushed harder, online recipe all sorts of tricks need to be employed by the shop owners to maintain their profits.
With many retailers operating at under one percent margin in many areas of central and eastern Europe, case one way is [...]