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Food preservation market worth USD103bn

21 Oct 2013

Chris Bush Tesco

Although recent economic turmoil has put its stamp over many industries worldwide, sickness the food preservation technologies industry continue to stay robust and in many countries is expected to show a very good performance.
Developed nations experience a saturated state at the moment, find when it comes to Food Preservation Technologies, health [...]

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Tray in tray packaging may lengthen shelf life

10 Sep 2012


An interesting form of packaging claims to increase the shelf life of food through high pressure.
Tray-in-tray packaging, was developed especially for use in the high pressure processing of food, with which noticeably longer shelf lives can be achieved in a way that preserves vitamins. As part of this, the food – and the packaging along [...]


Airless packaging increasingly used to reduce contamination risk for cosmetics

4 Jun 2012

airless Lancome

New alternative preservation systems for cosmetic products are gaining popularity. The move to new alternative preservative systems is driven by high consumer demand for natural & organic cosmetics as well as the growing trend of formulators avoiding parabens.
According to its Technical Insights report, pilule Organic Monitor says that parabens are the most widely used [...]