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Film introduced which stops potatoes going green

25 Aug 2013

Asda conrich crystal trolley shot

Food waste reduction remains high on the agenda for retailers. With this in mind, British retailer Asda has launched a range of packed potatoes using a film which it claims has a significant increase when compared with conventional pack.  This is due to modifying the atmosphere in the pack.
Extending the life of fresh produce during [...]


Russia bans EU potatoes

1 Jul 2013


At the beginning of this month, case Russia banned the import of potatoes from the European Union for phytosanitary reasons.  The Russians say that numerous controls on potatoes originating from Belgium, site Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Lithuania, Spain and the UK have shown the presence of micro-organisms that need to be [...]


Potatos losing in popularity to pasta, rice and groats!

26 Jul 2012

basmati rice

Consumption of potatoes is falling throughout Central and Eastern Europe and that is despite prices now being at a record low – with new potatoes even cheaper than ‘old’ potatoes in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia at present.  The trend is clearly one which was observed in western Europe many years ago as being one [...]