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Russia bans Belarussian pork

2 Sep 2013


Russia has blocked the import of pork and pork products from Belarus following outbreaks of African swine fever in the regions of Grodno and Vitebsk.
Exports of Belarussian pork have already been blocked by Latvia, ambulance Lithuania, sick Poland and Ukraine.
This is a serious blow to the Belarussian food industry as a whole as [...]

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Pork sales increase in Russia following price drops

29 Jul 2013

cherkizovo meat

There has been a massive increase in the sales of pork in Russia, at least that is the case if the sales noted by one of the countries largest meat producers are repeated across the board.  Cherkizovo, saw an increase of fifty percent in pork sales whilst chicken sales increased by four percent in the [...]

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Nationalism answer to horsemeat labelling problem

26 Feb 2013


Fears of horsemeat labelled as beef continue to hit Europe with products from a number of countries being attacked, cialis especially Romania and Poland.
For the German retailer the Rewe Group the answer is simple.  Resort to nationalism.  It has announced that henceforth it will only use German beef for its private label products at [...]

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Russia bans Latvian pork products

7 Dec 2012


Last week the Russian health authority Rosselkhoznadzor banned temporarily the import of pork products from Latvia due to the outbreak of classical swine fever (also known as hog cholera or pig plague).  The ruling also effects exports to Belarus, medical which is in a customs union with Russia.
The ruling does not effect products which [...]