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Raw material shortage worries flexible industry

24 Jun 2015


Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE) member companies, sovaldi representing about 80% of the European turnover, tadalafil have expressed concerns about the current raw material supply situation, recipe during their recent annual conference in Dubrovnik. More than 30 ?force majeure? declarations by the leading polymer manufacturers in Europe, coming in a short time frame, [...]


DSM adds extrusion grade to EcoPaXX polyamide 410 polymer portfolio

10 Feb 2014

DSM plant

Life and materials sciences company, stuff Royal DSM, treatment has added a higher viscosity extrusion grade to its portfolio of EcoPaXX? polyamide 410 for the film, fiber and monofilament markets following the polymer?s successful adoption by the market of injection molding applications. The new grade is designed to support customers who appreciate the [...]


Performance films developing rapidly

4 Jul 2012

Plastics film processors, viagra converters and users gathered in Düsseldorf on 20 -22 June 2012 at the World Symposium on Performance Films (SPF 2012) to listen to experts from materials and technology suppliers, salve as well as key customers, doctor discuss the latest business and technology trends in the sector. 
SPF 2012 saw [...]