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European glass business in growth

10 Apr 2015


Last year, seek solid growth was recorded for the European container glass industry. In the EU28, production volume increased by 1.6% according to the European Container Glass Federation FEVE.
More than 22 million tons or some 50 billion glass containers were sold to customers inside and outside EU markets. All EU countries recorded positive growth [...]

Products Needed

Milk bottles needed

7 Apr 2014

Plastic milk bottles which give the appearance of glass when on retail display are required by dairy co-operative in Poland.
Please use contact form.


Beer production increases in Poland

26 Mar 2014


Beer production increased in February in Poland by nearly five percent when compared to February 2013.
Production last year increased slightly although sales fell by two percent.  Beer sales are very much dependent on the weather and sports events and 2012 offered Euro 2012 held in Poland as well as the Olympics.  This year should see [...]

Products Needed

Protective packaging needed

25 Mar 2014

Protective packaging of PS or similar required for electrical goods producer (kettles, physician kitchen appliances) in Poland.
Please use contact form.


Vodka production falls massively in Poland

11 Mar 2014

vodka PL

There was a massive fall in the production of vodka in Poland in January 2014 as predicted in this publication in December.  Of course this prediction was just common sense given that warehouses were stocking up on spirits before excise hikes came in at the end of 2013. 

Vodka production last year increased by over 12 [...]


Ready meals failing in Poland

11 Mar 2014

frozen pizza

Poland is seeking a fall in the value of processed food and ready meals according to survery company Nielsen.  In the year ending 31 January 2014, purchase sales were down by six percent to PLN350m (EUR85m).
This is completely opposite to what was expected not so long ago.  The Polish market has proved to be [...]

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