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EUR9m invested in new plant in Poland

16 Jul 2012

Colex, cialis a subsidiary of Clariant, try is to invest over EUR9m in Lodz in central Poland in a factory which makes pigments for the plastics industry. Around twenty jobs will be created.
Colex supplies not only only the packaging industry but also the household goods, construction, auto and electronics industries.


Attack litter, not plastic bags

9 Jul 2012

I recently read a short, patient but insightful, rx article surrounding the issues of bag bans. The bag industry claims that banning bags will result in job loss, negative effects to local economies, hidden taxes, and lower environmental impact compared to paper, etc. These are important issues to consider, but they really don?t [...]


Double sealing eliminates requirement for extra lid

8 Jul 2012


A topseal packaging for which a double seal technique has been introduced by Naber Plastics.
The top edge is sealed in two phases. During the sealing process the outer ring is pushed down and is separated from the tray. The result is a plastic ring with film in it which can be used as a lid [...]


Hungarian plastic packaging plant modernised

8 Jul 2012

Sanner GmbH, a manufacturer of plastic packaging components for pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare products, recently completed the expansion of its plant in Budapest. The investment aimed at developing the IT infrastructure and modernising production systems at the company’s site in Hungary. The main objective focused on increasing the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing facility [...]

Food and beverage

Serbian ready meal producer exchanges tin for plastic

27 Jun 2012

rpc2012.020 Swisslion Takovo pic1

Serbian food manufacturer Kompanija Takovo a.d. has repackaged its range of Premium ready meals in multi-layer bowls in order to meet the growing demand for quality convenience foods in the Serbian market. The new packs have replaced tin cans to provide a format that combines long ambient shelf life with maximum consumer convenience.
The meals are [...]


Anti glug feature added to plastic drums

5 Jun 2012

Ecostacker pic

A new generation of user-friendly large plastic containers that incorporate a totally new and unique anti-glug feature has been introduced. This plastic drum range has been developed to overcome key ecological, sickness transport, patient handling and pouring issues that have previously been associated with large containers.
Of major significance is the Safepour? anti-glug system. [...]

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