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Lightweight plastic bags part of the solution, not the problem

10 Mar 2014

biodegradable bags

With the participation of industry experts, advice look EU policy makers and NGOs, the European Bioplastics high level panel debate on ?A future for lightweight plastic bags in Europe?? reaffirmed that the characteristics and dual use of biodegradable plastic bags makes them a key contributor to enhanced resource efficiency and reduced littering in [...]


Liquid fertiliser launched in versatile pack

10 Mar 2014


Gardening giant ASB Greenworld has launched a 1L liquid fertiliser in a versatile pack which is filled at its plant in Soltau, pills Germany.
The essential requirements of the HDPE pack were an absolutely tight seal, viagra to prevent any leakage, and maximum stability of form against high interior pressure.
The design allows the use [...]


The cost of wrapping pallets

10 Mar 2014

pallet wrapper

In recent weeks there has been some debate on the pros and cons of the cost of wrapping pallets from the point of view of just paying a cost per pallet rental type scheme, troche which seems to be anything from 70p to ?2 per pallet, advice versus 34p to 48p when owning [...]


Strong growth for food containers in CEE region

3 Mar 2014


World demand for food containers is forecast to increase 4.5 percent annually to USD139 billion in 2017.  Demand increases will be especially noteworthy in the emerging markets of Central and South America, malady Eastern Europe, hospital the Africa/Mideast region, view and the Asia/Pacific region. 
Freedonia analyst Joe Pryweller predicts, ?Food container demand will [...]


Compostible bags may not hurt recycling stream

16 Feb 2014

biodegradable bag

A new life-cycle analysis (LCA) of carrier bags suggests that compostable bags can play an important role in promoting a bioeconomy and a resource-efficient Europe in countries where organic waste is collected separately.
The study was performed according to ISO 14040 and 14044 and was critically reviewed and verified by DEKRA Consulting, viagra Oeko-Institut e.V., [...]


Plastic now more popular than metal for closures

4 Feb 2014

metal bottle caps

Over recent years, ampoule the economic downturn has encouraged a focus on cost and material savings in the beverage industry, view with the aim of delivering cheaper closures that require minimal adaptation of installed technology. Plastic closures have benefitted from this with their intrinsically lightweight properties and strong potential for innovation.
There have been [...]

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