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Ready meals failing in Poland

11 Mar 2014

frozen pizza

Poland is seeking a fall in the value of processed food and ready meals according to survery company Nielsen.  In the year ending 31 January 2014, purchase sales were down by six percent to PLN350m (EUR85m).
This is completely opposite to what was expected not so long ago.  The Polish market has proved to be [...]


Discount stores are the most popular source of frozen pizza in Poland

11 Dec 2012

pizza ristorante

Pizza is still a popular dish with Polish consumers. According to a PMR survey, illness around 62% of Poles eat pizza at least once a month. It is available from both pizzerias, no rx of which in Poland there are 3,000, and local diners or restaurants, and is favoured by young consumers. The [...]


Pizza sales reach PLN1.5bn in Poland

29 Nov 2012

The Polish pizza market reached a value of PLN 1.5bn (?364m) in 2011, viagra sale accounting for slightly less than 8% of the country?s restaurant market, store according to the PMR report HoReCa market in Poland 2012. Market analysis and development forecast 2012-2014.
Pizza remains a popular dish for Poles, with about 62% eating pizza [...]


Pizza chain comes to Azerbaijan

21 Sep 2012

US based pizza chain Papa John’s has opened its first outlet in Azerbaijan, in the capital Baku.  
The company is well known in the US although in Europe it is yet to make its mark.

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Vegetable producer changes from tin and glass to squeezy plastic

7 Aug 2012

Serbosco pic

One of Italy?s leading manufacturer of creamed vegetables has become possibly the first producer to pack its products in squeezy plastic bottles. Serbosco Srl says the new packaging delivers important brand image, thumb safety and convenience benefits.
The company has selected the 670ml ?top down? Orion bottle from RPC Corby with a 38mm valveless cap [...]