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Hungarian plastic packaging plant modernised

8 Jul 2012

Sanner GmbH, a manufacturer of plastic packaging components for pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare products, recently completed the expansion of its plant in Budapest. The investment aimed at developing the IT infrastructure and modernising production systems at the company’s site in Hungary. The main objective focused on increasing the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing facility [...]


Mini tube range launched

1 Jul 2012

Small Jetran Packs - 23.02.12

Bell Packaging Limited have launched a new mini tube range to support the expanding standard sizes.  New tooling has been completed for Injection Moulded End Caps using the standard push fit and patented Jetlok? designs.
Available in minimum orders of 2, click 500 packs the tubes are supplied packed flat making shipping and storage very economic.  [...]


Nail treatment made easy in Alofarm brush tube

11 Jun 2012


Regenerum by Polish pharmaceutical company Aflofarm is a complete nail treatment which strengthens, sales moisturises and regenerates the nail plate. Application is effortless and comfortable, capsule thanks to a PE tube with brush applicator, developed by Quadpack.
Regenerum Nail Generator Serum is composed of four natural oils, enriched with vitamins A and E, to [...]


Average Polish household spends EUR37 per month on medicine

5 Jun 2012

The average Polish household spends on medicines PLN 146 (?37) per month, see according to the survey conducted by PMR Research for Pharma Poland News.
One-quarter of households spend up to PLN 50 (?13) on medicines, help for a half of them it is about PLN 100 (?25), cheap while for three-quarters ? [...]

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