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Strong growth for generic drugs in Romania and Bulgaria

6 Jun 2013


According to the latest PMR report ?Generic and innovative drugs market in Central Europe 2013. Comparative analysis, viagra cialis reimbursement policies and development forecasts for 2013-2015?, cialis in all of the CE countries analysed, between 2013 and 2015 the average annual rates of change in the amount by which the generic and [...]


Polish pharma plant expanded

20 May 2013


BSC Drukarnia Opakowan, diagnosis   the rlc packaging group subsidiary in Poland, sildenafil has completed expansion of its plant BSC Pharmacenter in Poznan. In addition to labels and package inserts, the BSC plant started producing folding boxes for the pharmaceutical industry in April.
After significantly increasing production capacity at its plant in Rüdersdorf near [...]


Packaging manufacturer celebrates 100 years in business

14 May 2013

Edelmann boxes

The month of June will mark the 100th anniversary of Heidenheim, unhealthy Germany based packaging manufacturer Edelmann which was founded in 1913 when Carl Edelmann bought a stone printing workshop.
In 1924 he began producing folding cartons in Heidenheim for the branded goods that were on the rise at the time. In the decades that [...]


Polish pharma market falls by six percent

22 Apr 2013


In 2012, pharm the pharmacy distribution market in Poland saw a decline for the first time in several years, tadalafil reporting negative growth of -6%. Companies operating in the pharmaceutical market are poised to recover their market positions throughout 2013 after the revolution triggered by the entry into force of the Reimbursement Act. [...]


Clondalkin appoints CEO for pharma

31 Jan 2013

David Lennon H&S photo small

Clondalkin Group has appointed David Lennon as Global CEO of the international packaging group?s growing Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Division.
David will spearhead the roll-out of Clondalkin?s ambitious global business development plans working closely with the European and North American management teams.
The division has invested almost $300 million over the last five years to better service its [...]


Pharma company expands in Germany and Poland

21 Nov 2012

The rlc packaging group has doubled machine capacity at its plant in Rüdersdorf near Berlin. The company specialises in  pharmaceutical packaging.
Folding box production was launched in July and the production of package inserts started there this month.
The expansion of the production facility has resulted in some 30 new jobs.
In addition to the expansion of the [...]

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