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Food packaging market worth over USD250bn

14 Jun 2013

Wedel 01

The global food packaging market can be seen to have reached a plateau in terms of technology and its ability to carry out its primary duty which is that of protecting and extending the life of the foods stuffs within the packaging. Being quite a mature market growth is neither slow nor excessive with an [...]


Eye tracking suggests preference for clam shells

29 Oct 2012


Clemson University?s CUShop? recently conducted eye tracking tests in the USA to evaluate how different styles of packaging influence a customer?s point-of-sale behaviour.
Different packaging options can make an enormous difference to the bottom line. Results indicated a strong purchase preference for clear plastic clamshells over printed paperboard boxes, cure purchase with 402% more purchases [...]


Recovery boiler installed in paperboard plant

25 Sep 2012


Iggesund Paperboard has inaugurated its new recovery boiler at Iggesund Mill, pills cure Sweden. The ceremony was conducted by Lars G Sundblad, treat who was managing director of the company at the end of the 1950s, sales when the decision was made to begin manufacturing paperboard.
The new recovery boiler makes it [...]


Airline turns to paperboard boxes which can be disposed of with food

28 Aug 2012

Malmo aviation

The Swedish airline Malmö Aviation has recently launched new breakfast boxes made of paperboard. The new boxes are made of Invercote and Invercote Bio. The boxes save space on board, viagra extend the life of their contents, simplify handling and have a lower environmental impact than their plastic-based predecessors.
The environmental impact is reduced because [...]


Recovery boiler comes on line

15 Jun 2012

At eight a.m. on Tuesday 12 June Iggesund Paperboard?s new recovery boiler and turbine came on line at Iggesund Mill. At almost 240 million Euro, ailment this is the mill?s largest investment ever. The start-up also meant that the project team, ampoule including almost a thousand contractors, ed reached the finish line [...]