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The cost of wrapping pallets

10 Mar 2014

pallet wrapper

In recent weeks there has been some debate on the pros and cons of the cost of wrapping pallets from the point of view of just paying a cost per pallet rental type scheme, troche which seems to be anything from 70p to ?2 per pallet, advice versus 34p to 48p when owning [...]


Versatile machine introduced for vertical pallet transport

9 Sep 2013


Qimarox has introduced a completely new pallet lift under the name ?Prorunner mk9?. The Prorunner mk9 is a compact and robust lift that can effortlessly transport pallets up to 1500 kilograms up or down. Thanks to its modular design, cialis sale the lift is durable and maintenance friendly and can be easily integrated into [...]


Bundle concept introduced for CD mailers

17 Jul 2012


Jiffy Packaging, healing doctor part of Pregis Protective Packaging Europe, drugstore has launched a new initiative, and Earth Aware?, which it claims is to devise sustainable packaging solutions. to help customers meet their environmental targets. 
In its first application, Jiffy has created a new bundle concept for the delivery of its CD, [...]

Industry Awards

Prizes given for POS solutions

12 Jul 2012

STI POPAI D-A-CH Gala 2012

STI won six awards at the POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) association awards for the best POS solutions in the German-speaking region : two golds, three silver and one bronze.
Norman Thom, Managing Director of POS Solutions said  “As a partner of the branded goods industry and trade, our goal is to enhance the product [...]